robot idrodemolition
New-Robot hydro

Stevanato operates in hydrodemolitions on bridges, aqueducts, tunnels and reinforced concrete structures.

Hydrodemolition is the system that uses only high-pressure water jets at high speed and flow, so the fluid in combination with the pressure is able to remove the cement. The water penetrates into the porosity of the cement creating a strong internal pressure and when it exceeds the tensile strength of the cement, the latter is removed. The superior adhesion is fundamental thanks to the total absence of micro-cracks, as unlike the traditional methods, the hydrodemolition system does not create internal micro-fractures. In fact, the water finds its way inside the remaining cracks, removing also these parts of cement. The absence of micro-cracks combined with the action caused by the water jet favor a rough and gripping surface that allows the laying of the new reconstruction.


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