consolidamenti edili - lavori speciali - Stevanato | Soluzioni per umidità e infiltrazioni
consolidamenti edili - Stevanato | Soluzioni per umidità e infiltrazioni
Operai al lavoro coibentazione antincendio - Stevanato | Soluzioni per umidità e infiltrazioni
carbon fiber column repair - Stevanato | Soluzioni per umidità e infiltrazioni
Dettagli fibra carbonio coibentazione antincendio - Stevanato | Soluzioni per umidità e infiltrazioni

Stevanato is specialized in the consolidation of buildings, that is all those processes of knowledge, design and intervention, which aim to restore the structural characteristics of a building which may be lost over time due to degradation, atmospheric and seismic agents.

Most of the building consolidation actions take place on load-bearing masonry structures, to which other types of recovery or restoration works are added.

The choice of the timing, strategy and intervention techniques is the result of evaluations performed during the preliminary phases of acquaintance and monitoring of the building. The main goals are not only the preservation of the building itself, but also the conservation of the structural functioning, if it is still recoverable. In this regard, sometimes the possibility of inserting plant engineering works is also assessed.

The types of structural consolidation intervention can be subdivided into three macro categories:

1. Building consolidation by injection of binder

Structural consolidation of old brick, stone, tuff or mixed stone masonry, by injection of lime-based or cement-based grout, using special injection tubes.

2. Building consolidation by carbon fiber wrapping

Structural consolidation to restore the lift of vertical elements of structures subjected mainly to compression by gluing to the supports target of consolidation, carbon fibers – based high-strength strips. The carbon wrapping can be used to consolidate stone or masonry vertical elements, such as columns, pillars, etc., or in horizontal elements such as brick vaulted slabs.

3. Building consolidation through tie rods and chains

Structural consolidation through the installation of tie rods and chains to counteract the risks of translation, detachments, openings and collapses in the structures.

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